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Hi, I'm Lisa. Founder and CEO of MARGE.


In my two decades of working in Human Resources, I have seen and experienced a great deal. Great leaders who guided, mentored and inspired me, some not-so-great who led me to understand what I did not want to do or become, and those who required extra support.


During my career, I have been fortunate to have superb opportunities in the world of formal employment. At the same time, family, friends and my network often called me for HR advice for their small businesses or their own employment. This 'blended' experience has allowed me to work across diverse industries, including but not limited to finance, retail, hospitality, aviation, travel, beauty, arboriculture, nursing, care and education. 

Passionate about Human Resources and fair employment, and keen to continue developing my skills and experience, I would support these SMEs and employees in difficulty who were looking for clarity and direction. In most situations, they just wanted to know what they could do and, in simple terms, how to do it. 

In 2020 the world faced an unprecedented crisis.


Almost overnight, businesses, most especially HR departments, had to adapt to a drastically different way of operating and managing workforces from a distance. 

So many people experienced roles that changed, new or adjusted working practices, and, in the worst scenario - found themselves redundant. In addition, many SMEs called on me for support to navigate this minefield of information and change, hoping to keep their businesses afloat through the pandemic's lockdowns and beyond. 

With such high demand, I realised the need to be able to advise both employers and employees formally - and so MARGE Advanced Consulting was born. 

MARGE served as the key markers for what I could support businesses with - Mentorship, Advice, Recruitment, guidance on Governance (aka Employment Law) and Education.


Since then, the business has become well established, and as it continues to grow, I have been able to pursue my personal and professional growth. Working across multiple industries, building relationships with business owners and leaders while ensuring the advice and practices are simple and clear.


At MARGE, we believe that communication is paramount, but simplicity is the key.

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